Amy loves to paint!  Through the  years Amy has developed her own style of painting.  She has expanded her painting from paper to wooden projects (such as miniature bird houses to picture frames and boxes) and now to coffee mugs.  In the future she hopes to expand her products to posters and more.  I hope Amy’s products will hold a special place in your heart as it comes from the heart of a very special person and is truly a work of love.  Val – Mom

Why does Amy Paint?  Amy grew up surrounded by brothers and sisters who were VERY artistic and took Art classes all the way through high school.  She would see them working on their art projects and homework.  She would go to their exhibits at school and the local museum when they featured local student art. Her high school home room was just a few doors from the art clases.  She was surrounded by art.  Amy would also see how her siblings received praise and appreciation for thier arwork.  As a result it was a natural thing for Amy to also want to paint and express herself.  It was a easy way for her to fit in with the family and do the same things they were doing.  She also got lots of positive feedback from not only her brothers, sisters and parents, but from others to whom she’s shown her artwork as well.  When Amy shares her pictures, it generally makes the recipient very happy!  The colors are positive and cheery.  The combination of colors makes a character that we would normally take for granted become something to be looked at closer and appreciated.  And the positive feedback Amy receives makes her happy and want to keep painting more pictures.  I am very happy Amy loves to paint!  I hope she never stops!  Dan – Dad

How great it is to see my sister Amy develop a pastime she enjoys so much.  Not only has she found an activity where she can express her creativity and take pride in her work, but for Amy painting has become more than just a hobby, it is a way that she connects with people too.  I have seen her use painting as a way to interact with and develop a relationship with my two young children.  Painting is a fun activity they can share together and a skill that Amy has actually been able to teach them.  Painting has boosted her confidence and placed her in a role that she doesn’t get to be in that often, that of an “art teacher” in the eyes of her nephews.  I am very thankful they can build and reinforce their relationships through this special time they have shared together.  Another benefit of Amy’s painting is in regards to the development she is going through while painting.  Not only is she learning about how to mix colors and refining her fine mother skills, but she is also getting mental reinforcement.  So, when you receive a painting from Amy, you know she not only thought of you while she was painting and wanted to share her creativity with you, but also that by receiving a painting from her you play a unique role in the development of her mental growth and encouragement of her knowledge retention as well.  Nicole – Sister

  What does Amy’s art mean to me?  When I look at our family and all the siblings, we all have carved out our own unique place in the family.  When I think of Amy being in her element, it is often when she is doing her “activities”. When she is sitting down at her desk in her room, headphones on (listening to anything from Disney to Hannah Montana and beyond), the TV is playing the current movie of choice (preferably a Disney animated classic), and she is happily sitting there with her “colors, creating wonderful paintings.  When I look at the images she paints, I see beauty.  I see freedom.  And I see joy.  Picasso is well known to have said “All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This is something that Amy has remained to be, through and through.  It is a part of the fabric of her being:  those colors, those beautiful colors, are an expression of who she is.  To me it is a look into her mind, and it is a glimpse into someone wonderful that many simply overlook.  I have always wanted to make her paintings large, put them on a hug canvas, and make them something that can be viewed as fine art, because to me, they are.  It is more than just paint and color.  It is the embodiment of a beautiful person who has inspired me and taught me more than she probably ever will know.  Maybe the reason why I want them to be large is because that way everyone will see, will know the beauty, and the see the raw pure talent of the painter of our family: our princess, Amy.           Dana – Brother

Amy has always been a source of inspiration.  Whether it’s in her dancing, her easy going approach to difficult situations or the amazing colors in her paintings, she has always been a good example for me as an older sister.  Her paintings remind me that it’s alright to express your vision of the world in terms of how you feel it rather than how it is literally seen. Amy’s paintings as gifts to me make me feel like the best version of my self, the most colorful, the most outstanding.  She always paints me as the Prince.  It maKes me feel good that she has thought of me and is willing to take the time to communicate with me through her art that she’s been thinking of me even though I haven’t been around.  Having her art present in my life keeps her in my thougths even when she’s not around.  Josh – Brother

 Seeing my sister Amy have something that she is so passionate about that she can just do for hours is inspiring to me.  Amy has a disability, but like everyone else, she has talents.  Painting is one of them, and teachingis another.  She has taught me more that I could every explain about friendship, family, compassion, understanding, patience, and happiness.  No matter where she is or who she is with, if she has her water colors, her music and her movies, she is happy.  How wonderful it would be if everyone were happy so easily.  Amy truly takes joy in the simple things of life.  Yet her paintings are anything but simple.  They are intricate, colorful, and beautifully complex.  For the longest time I didn’t really appreciate Amy’s paintings.  I got so many of them all the time that I didn’t know what to do with them or why she painted so many.  It wasn’t until one of my brothers pointed out how interesting her paintings were that I took the time to really look at her paintings and see their beauty.  When I was youger I didn’t realize that my sister was using her paints as a way to say “I miss you”, “Happy Birthday”, “I was thinking about you”, “Get well soon”, and a variety of many other messages.  Now every time I get a stack of paintings from Amy I can’t wait to look at each one.  Even though she paints in the same style, each painting is completely different and carries a special message.  When I look back on how I took Amy’s paintings for ganted, it makes me wonder how many other things in life I have overlooked and have not given a deep enough appreciation to.  All too often, the complexity of this world makes me fail to notice the beautiful things that are in it.  Amy’s paintings serve as a reminder for me to slow down, be aware of the little things in life, the intricate details, and the simple beauties.  For  that, and many other lessons Amy has taught me, I am thankful.     Dawn – Sister